FDIC sues 12 banks over mortgage bonds sold to Colonial

In fact refi volume levels are down over 30%. for the mortgage-backed securities. The FDIC was receiver for three failed banks. The settlement funds will be distributed among the receiverships for.

Bank of America is suing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. over $1.75 billion in losses suffered by investors in a subsidiary of mortgage lender Taylor Bean & Whittaker, the latest legal fallout.

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FDIC Renews Effort to Sue Auditors Over Colonial Bank Failure By Patrick Fitzgerald The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is bolstering its efforts to recover $1 billion from a pair of accounting firms that failed to catch massive fraud that brought down Colonial Bank, the bank regulator’s sole effort to sue the auditors of a failed bank since.

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 · PwC sued for $5.5bn over mortgage underwriter TBW’s collapse. Colonial collapsed in 2009, becoming the sixth-largest US bank failure in history. According to TBW’s trustee, PwC certified the existence of more than $1bn of Colonial Bank assets that did.

March 2 (Reuters) – Fdic, as colonial’s receiver, sued. banks over residential mortgage-backed securities bought by the failed colonial bank – court ruling u.s. District judge louis stanton in.

The FDIC, the government agency in charge of managing the receiverships of failed banks, is suing the firms for professional malpractice, gross negligence and breach of contract for failing to catch the long-running fraud at Colonial’s largest client, Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp.

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The $558 million in residential mortgage loans. said in a statement. As banks fail and the FDIC takes them over, the government agency has ended up holding more and more mortgages and other loans..

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (:FDIC) has filed three separate lawsuits against major banks over the alleged sale of $5.4 billion worth of risky mortgage-backed securities. facts related to.

BofA Sues FDIC Over Mortgage Losses. The suit concerns FDIC’s role as receiver for Alabama’s defunct Colonial Bank and losses stemming from the collapse of Taylor Bean’s Ocala Funding LLC conduit, a mortgage-financing vehicle that federal prosecutors say was at center of.